Plas-Ties, Co. Twist Tying Machines, Materials & Cable Ties

Plas-Ties offers a line of cable ties that will not only meet your requirements, but lower your total installation costs. Our ties are QPL listed, UL recognized components and manufactured from 6.6 nylon.


​FASTER - less insertion and pull through force required
STRONGER - high tensile strength maintained from one piece design 
EASIER - angled tail allows quicker initial insertion & tail grips allow for easier handling  
SAFER - rounded edges provide added safety to minimize insulation damage 
CONSISTENT - formulated molding process with 6/6 nylon

​Plas-Ties’ cable ties feature smooth edges and low insertion force with secure locking mechanisms for your harnessing requirements. We offer a full line of cable ties available in natural and weather resistant black and special sizes and colors.