Tying Capacity1-12 Hangers
Tie Length7.5"
Speed30 Twist-tied Hanger Sets/Minute
MaterialPlas-Ties 27-gauge single wire twist tie
Power120 VAC/60Hz/Single phase/13/5 amps
Pneumatic80-130 PSI, Continuous
Weight60 lbs.
Length w/ Spool48.5"
Width w/ Rails24"
Width at Front20"

Approximate Values

TIE-OUT STATION   Ideal for the INDUSTRIAL LAUNDRY industry, the Tie-Out Station helps accelerate productivity

The Tie-Out Station is your ultimate twist-tying machine for the Industrial Laundry Industry. It's designed to minimize bottlenecks at the final sort and finishing stages of the production line. The Tie-Out Station's proven track record for accelerating productivity and providing labor savings while reducing the potential for ergonomic injuries make it an essential addition to your operation.

Additionally, with the Tie-Out Station as part of your system, you will experience:

:: Greater Cost Savings
:: Higher Customer Satisfaction
:: Safer Environment

To truly understand the impact of our quality machines, you need to experience it for yourself!  View our demonstration video and discover the benefits your operations will gain with our Tie-Out Station. For more info, email us at info@TieOutStation.com. or visit:

Genuine Plas-Ties' Twist Tie Material required for optimal performance

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