Plas-Ties, Co. Twist Tying Machines, Materials & Cable Ties


TABLE TOP ASSEMBLY - Convenient & Sturdy tray to steady your product for bundling

FOOT PEDAL ACTUATOR - Alternate method to trigger the tying cycle


INDUSTRIAL GRADE - Built to minimize resource consumption & maintenance needs

LEAN MANUFACTURING - Self-adjusting with large capacity spool, requiring minimal operator handling

VERSATILE  - Handles a variety of tying sizes at a single station

EMPLOYEE FRIENDLY - Easy to use & helps reduce carpal tunnel syndrome

CapacitySelf-adjusting from 1" to 8"
Air Power100 to 110 PSI (Constant, Clean, dry air)
Weight (with Stand)              200 lbs.
Cabinet Depth19"
Cabinet Width10.25"
Cabinet Height24"
Width (on Stand)25.5"
Depth (on Stand)29"
Height (on Stand)51.25" (max)
Clearance depth without TableApproximately 34"
Clearance depth with Table
Approximately 40"
Clearance width to open Door
Approximately 36"
Ring OptionsMaximum 4", 6", & 8" Diameter Rings
SpoolExclusive Plas-Ties 4000' ALL PLASTIC 1/4" width, 24-gauge, double wire, centered

Approximate values

Genuine Plas-Ties' Twist Tie Material required for optimal performance

XL-8 AIR RING TYER   Easily bundles your product with 100% pneumatic power.