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XL-S Smart Tyer offered only on a direct basis through Plas-Ties, Co. 

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Capacity Self-Adjusting from .5" to 4"
Spool2500' Pl/Pa 1/4" width 1/8" spacing double wire
Electric Power110V (5 AMPS)
Weight85 lbs  /  38.56 kg   (unit only - without spool material in place)
Ring OptionsMaximum 4” diameter tying capacity ring at introduction


  •  Quiet, 110V Operation
  • Smaller Footprint Design
  • User Friendly Operation & Maintenance
  • Programmable Tie Length & Tension
  • ​Variety of Twist Tie Material Choices 


  • Delicate Tubing & Cabling 
  • Wire Harnesses, Cords, Cables, Hoses, Coils & Tubes
  • Bag closures, Rods & Kits
Genuine Plas-Ties' Twist Tie Material required for optimal performance


LABOR SAVING - Speeds up finishing process and saves on repetitive employee hand motion

"SMART" INTELLIGENCE - Pre-programmed with common tying choices accessible through control panel.  Options to adjust tying tension

ADVANCED DESIGN  - Engineered for ease of use & broad base of applications

SUPERIOR VERSATILITY - Wide variety of tying options & material choices

CUSTOM PROGRAMMABLE - Potential for automation using Ladder Logic Code Programming​

XL-S SMART TYER  The compact twist-tying machine built with the "smarts" to provide precision tying finishes.