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Standard & Specialty Cable Ties

Cable ties are incredibly useful and versatile devices, with countless applications. Plas-Ties’ cable ties feature smooth edges for user safety and comfort, and require minimal insertion force. Secure locking mechanisms ensure reliable bundling and harnessing in any application.

We offer a full line of standard cable ties in lengths from 4” to 48”, a variety of widths, and in a range of colors, including high-visibility fluorescent cable ties. Our inventory also includes a variety of specialty cable ties, such as EZ off cable ties, metal detectable cable ties, and more.

Custom Printed Cable Ties

As needed, Plas-Ties can provide custom printed cable ties with the lettering or numbering your application requires. Most of our cable tie varieties can be custom printed for easy identification, branding, etc. Contact us to discuss the custom printed cable ties you need.

Features & Benefits of Plas-Ties Cable Ties

  • Fast installation: Less insertion and pull-through force is needed for reliable installation
  • Strong: One-piece design provides high tensile strength
  • Easy to use: Angled tails allow for easier initial insertion; tail grips make handling easier
  • Safe: Rounded edges provide added safety to minimize damage to products and injury to users
  • Dependable: Formulated molding process using 6/6 nylon provide uniformity and consistency
  • QPL listed
  • UL recognized

Cable Tie Installation Tools

Plas-Ties offers a variety of cable tie installation tools that are specifically designed for tightening cable ties and trimming tails from tightened ties. These tools make it easy to cinch cable ties around a product and trim the excess scrap material, while eliminating sharp edges.

We also offer cable tie removal tools for fast and easy removal. These ergonomically designed tools cut through cinched cable ties with ease and comfort.

Contact Us for Cable Ties & Cable Tie Tools

Plas-Ties has standard cable ties, specialty cable ties, and custom printed cable ties for any project. Follow the links below to find cable ties and tools for your application; see individual product listings for additional information and specifications.

Request a quote or contact us for the cable ties and cable tie tools you need.