Kwik Lok Background

Kwik Lok is a company founded by Floyd Paxton. Floyd Paxton was on a flight in 1952. He had, as the story goes, his half-eaten bag of complimentary peanuts on the flight.

Then he had this idea of reclosing that bag. There was no closure to seal it back up for him to take his peanuts home with him. So he pulled a credit card out of his wallet. He then conceived the idea of what became the bread clip, the Kwik Lok tab, the plastic tab, right then and there. Moreover, he whittled it out of his credit card. He applied this thing to his peanut bag. That’s the story of the bread clip. And so he made history. We still see that Kwik Lok tab or bread clip on the market today.

The Plas-Ties Difference

At Plas-Ties, we don’t supply bread clips or Kwik Lok tabs. We supply machines that apply wire twist tie applications to the same bags that Kwik Loks will go onto as well. There are some limitations where the Kwik Lok is bound by certain diameters. It’s not very multi-functional. We offer a whole host of different machines that can apply a twist tie to many, many diameters. We can go from very small all the way to very large, where Kwik Lok cannot compete on that level.

When the customer has a need for a certain diameter enclosure, we can address it. Of course, our enclosures have other properties too. Those include air-tightness and being able to print. Well, actually, they print onto their Kwik Lok tab as well. We also have the advent of being able to print onto our twist tie in real-time with real-time data. It could be whatever the customer may need: batch codes, lot codes, expiration dates, and so on. But there are properties to the wire twist tie that are different than what a Kwik Lok can provide.

Bag Tie Needs from Kwik Lok Customers

It’s quite often where we’ll see customers coming to us. More often than not it’s about having a secure tie on that bag to keep air out of the bag. We have a much more secure type tie than the Kwik Lok. Shelf life is very important to any bread maker or tortilla maker. They want to have their products as fresh as possible for as long as possible on that product shelf.

The most common misconception between a Kwik Lok tab and a twist tie is the ability of metal detection. It’s obvious that a Kwik Lok tab or bread clip is plastic. It will pass through metal detection well for larger batches. A palletized box of loaves of bread will pass through metal detection. This is for certain compliance requirements. A twist tie cannot provide that same sort of functionality with respect to metal detection. And that’s not the case at all.

The All-Plastic Tie from Plas-Ties

The all-plastic tie is something that Plas-ties is very proud to offer. We also offer a machine that we designed to apply an all-plastic tie. It’s a poly core twist tie. It gives you all the same sort of benefits that customers would want at the product level. Some studies have shown that the twist tie is the preferred closure for re-usability. It does provide a tighter tie, which does have the advantage of longer shelf life.

Kwik Lok

A lot of times you’ll see on the market with a Kwik Lok, a cellophane hermetic seal around the loaf of bread. And then you see a secondary poly bag around that loaf of bread with the Kwik Lok tab. And that is to prolong shelf life. Right now, the technology that’s out there in the market demands that we provide with a poly core twist tie. You can take away a step in that process of packaging from the manufacturer. This is from the bakery level all the way to the product shelf for the customer.

Customized Enclosures

There are customers who are now using Kwik Lok or bread clip enclosures for their product. They would ask us about provide a similar or more effective closure. They would provide a sample to us and ask us to make a video of whatever bag it is. Whatever product it is, whether it’s bagels, tortillas, or breads. It can be a whole host of things.

We tie it, we make a video, we put it into a box, and we ship it to you. You can see the difference in how it handles transportation. You can see how it handles when you receive it, and how you are able to open that bag and reuse it and see your product. Moreover, we’ve had customers in the past who have seen the benefits with transit times and everything else. A product can go bad pretty fast. They may be having that problem with Kwik Lok, and we’re able to remedy that.

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