Metallic Spools

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Looking for a way to enhance your packaging?  The Genuine Plas-Ties' Metallic Twist Tie Material provides optimal performance from your Tie-Matic HD Twist-Tying Machines.  The flexible, durable, and reusable material provides superior temporary fastening solutions for all your applications.  Choose from several colors, sizes and specifications to secure and enhance your product.  

  • Colors include: Red, Blue, Green, Gold & Silver
  • 8.5” x 2” spool width
  • 1500’ – 2000’ length of spool material
  • 5/32” width of spool material
  • Approximately 3600-6400 ties per spool
The Metallic Spools are constructed with two layers of printed metallized foil laminated with a metal core.  The premium quality of our Metallic Ties ensures that the lamination bond will be so strong that the foil will tear before delamination of foil and wire occurs.  The flexible core and foil laminated sheath wrap around an object to be bundled.  From the Food Industry to the Industrial Marketplace, our Metallic Twist Tie Spools provide the ideal closure for your products.