Paper Spool Material (3000')
Part Number: 101

  • PlasTies | Paper Spool Material (101)
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Ideal for the XL2 twist tying machine, this 3000 ft Plas-Ties' twist tie material provides optimal performance from your machine. If your application requires a heavy duty 27-gauge, paper laminated twist tie, the #101 spool is the perfect match. The durable, flexible, and reusable nature of this material provides superior temporary fastening solutions for all your sizeable applications. The industrial XL2 spools are constructed with two layers of paper material and a double 27-gauge wire metal core. The flexible core and paper laminated sheath easily wrap around objects to be bundled. With Plas-Ties’ genuine twist tying material, you can be assured your product will remain bundled during transport.


  • Spool Length: 3000'
  • Paper
  • 2-27 Gauge
  • Tie Width: 1/4"
  • Packaged: 5 Spools/Case
  • Case Weight: 43 lbs.
  • Spool Size: 10"
  • Wire Spacing: 1/8"