P-200 Cable Tie Installation Tool
P-200 Cable Tie Installation Tool
Plas-Ties P-200 Cable Tie Tool Video

Cable Tie Installation Tool (P-200)

The P-200 feather-weight, high quality, assembly-line tool is adjustable for the 18 through 50 pound ties. With consistent and clean cuts, no sharp edges will interfere with your operators or your products.


Cable tie installation tools make cable tie application easier and safer. Doing the job with your bare hands adds undue amounts of stress on cables you are bundling, as well as unnecessary wear and tear on you.
The P-200 has adjustable bundle tension settings:
1) Lowest bundle tension
3) Highest bundle tension
Simply cinch the cable tie around items to desired bundle diameter. Insert exposed cable tie strap into the side of the P-200.  Squeeze the trigger until the cable tie strap is cut off.