XLS Smart Tyer Twist Tie Machine
XLS Smart Tyer Twist Tie Machine
XLS Smart Tyer Twist Tie Machine
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XLS Smart Tyer Twist Tie Machine
XL8 Air Ring Tyer Twist Tie Machine

XLS Smart Tyer Twist Tie Machine


XLS Smart Tyer Description

The XLS Smart Tyer is a compact twist-tying machine. It’s also built with the “smarts” to provide precision tying finishes to a wide variety of products.

Featuring a programmable tie length and tension options, the versatility of the XLS Smart Tyer also seamlessly adapts to any market.

Further, the machine is the perfect fit for any automated or stand-alone workstation. The small footprint design and quiet 110V operation are user-friendly. Intuitive operations and a PLC board also simplify tech support maintenance. There’s also a variety of twist-tie material options. Finally, the XLS will accommodate industrial to decorative twist ties supplied with genuine Plas-Ties spools.


  • “SMART” SYSTEM – Pre-programmed with universal tying tensions accessible through control panel.
  • VARIABLE SETTINGS – Adjust tying length & tension preferences
  • CUSTOM PROGRAMMABLE – Potential for automation using Ladder Logic Code Programming
  • PROGRESSIVE- semi-automatic use for today and automated capacity for the future
  • Adjustable height configuration using pedestal stand
  • Optional entry points easily allow for employee-preferred product insertion
  • Suitable for workbench access
  • Capacity: Self-Adjusting from 1/2″ to 3″ (XLS-3) or 4 (XLS-4)”
  • Recommended Spool: Exclusive 2500′ Pl/Pa 1/4″ width 1/8″ spacing double wire (#449)
  • Electric Power: 110V (5 AMPS) – Safety Lock Plug
  • Weight (with Stand): 85 lbs  /  38.56 kg   (unit only – without spool material in place)
  • Ring Options: Maximum 4” diameter tying capacity ring at introduction
  • Depth: 19” / Depth (with ring & brake): 37.5”
  • Width: 16″
  • Height: 10″
  • Clearance Height: 23″
  • Capacity–Depth: 36.8” / Width: 18.5” / Height: 12”
  • Optional Rolling Cart: Depth: 38” / Width: 17” / Height: 33” / Unit Weight: 35lb

XLS Smart Tyer Benefits:

  • TENSION CONTROL – Integrated for a relaxed or rigid tie on your products
  • LABOR SAVING – Accelerates the finishing process and lessens repetitive employee hand motion
  • STATE OF THE ART – Designed for ease of use & expansive base of applications
  • SUPERIOR VERSATILITY – Wide variety of tying options & spool material choices
  • EFFORTLESS PROCESS – Quiet operation and gentle on your product

Vertical Configuration:

Several businesses already have a workflow system in operation and use Plas-Ties XLS machines to fully assimilate into their existing floorplan. Using the Vertical Configuration assembly coupled with the pedestal stand, each employee can incorporate an XLS tying solution directly into their existing production line.

Horizontal Configuration

Achieve maximum bundling efficiency with the standard horizontal configuration. Allocating space on the workbench or table is a typical method for production. In contrast, other companies have chosen to automate the bundling process and install the XLS directly into their production line.

How It Works

The XLS Smart Tyer is a 110V machine that twist-ties products inserted into the ring-shaped tying area. The machine can also be adjusted to tie almost any product. Just gather materials into a round or nearly round shape from 1/2 inch diameter up to a maximum of 4-inch diameter.

The onboard PLC also allows for pre-programming of tying tensions and number of twists, along with progressive features for automated system integration.

Safety First

Plas-Ties believes safeguarding employees is an ongoing investment in our machines and regularly updates proper security features. The XLS Smart Tyer has several safety features to maximize user activity.

For instance, the Safety Trigger with Secondary Guard provides a safe zone for maximum product bundling with minimal risk of abrasion. The Target Indicator also highlights the ideal product placement for optimal tie speed and bundling.

Plas-Ties understands that safety and maximum productivity are crucial for any business.

For that reason, Plas-Ties will provide Factory Training for your staff that’s customized to your needs and budget. Technical Support is always available as well, via online manuals, videos and phone support. In addition, if parts are required, our sizeable inventory can allow for next-day domestic delivery.

XLS Smart Tyer Accessories / Options:

Plas-Ties will also provide a Vertical or Horizontal Brake depending on your workstation requirements. A wheeled industrial cart is another option. The cart can also provide for easy placement of the XLS for optimal workplace flow and employee satisfaction.

Industries Served:

The wide variety of tying options and automation capabilities makes XLS the perfect choice above all others for twist tying several different applications.

Because of the self-adjusting versatility, the XLS is also an excellent choice for twist tying hoses, cords, cables, produce and vines. The speed and adaptability of the XLS also benefits industries related to communications, hardware, and agriculture.


Maximum Diameter

3", 4"


Vertical, Horizontal


Depth: 36.8” / Width: 18.5” / Height: 12”, Depth: 36.8” / Width: 18.1” / Height: 14.25”


Black, Blue, Green, Red, White


Is there a warranty policy?

The Tie-Matic series: HD38, HD58 and HD78 have a ONE YEAR or 300,000 cycle warranty (whichever comes first). In addition to our warranty, we also provide our customers with our care loaner package. This means that if you need to send your machine in for a tune up, we will send you a loaner machine so you don’t experience any downtime.

The XL2 also has a ONE YEAR or 300,000 cycle warranty (whichever comes first).

The warranty for the XL8 Air Ring Tyer is 6 months from time of delivery or 300,000 cycles (whichever comes first).

What is the warranty for manufacture-repaired machines?

The Tie-Matic HD series of machines, XL2 and XL8 are covered for 90 days or 150,000 cycles (whichever comes first).

What is the warranty for manufacture-repaired machines using the Master Repair Kit?

The Tie-Matic HD series of machines is covered for 180 days or 200,000 cycles (whichever comes first).

Where is the product made?

All of Plas-Ties twist-tying machines are manufactured in the U.S.A.

How long has Plas-Ties been in business?

Over 50 years of experience manufacturing twist-tie machines.

How do we contact Plas-Ties?

Plas-Ties customer support and sales department is available by:

EMAIL: [email protected]
PHONE: (800) 854-0137 or (714) 542-4487
FAX: (714) 972-2978
MAIL: 14272 Chambers Road, Tustin, CA 92780

Can we register our new machine online?

Yes, click HERE to register your machine online.

What is your return policy for non-defective goods?

No returns will be accepted without authorization from Plas-Ties Company. Requests for a return must be made within ten (10) business days of receipt of your order. Please contact Plas-Ties Company Customer Service at (800) 854-0137 to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).

Once an RMA is obtained, the customer has ten (10) business days to ship products freight pre-paid back to Plas-Ties Company:
14272 Chambers Road
Tustin, CA 92780

Return of all non-defective product(s) is subject to a minimum of 25% restocking fee unless reason for return is due to Plas-Ties’ Company error. Original delivery freight paid (if any) is not refundable.

Returned item(s) must be in new, unused condition, and returned in original packaging or crates. All returns will be inspected for damage or prior usage and must be deemed saleable by Plas-Ties Company before issuance of credit or refund will be processed.

Notification of your refund status will be via e-mail once we’ve received, inspected, and processed the returned item(s).

Plas-Ties Company will not accept product returns for any used items.

Special order and custom order items are not viable for return.

Unauthorized Returns

Any returns without authorization from Plas-Ties Company will be returned to the customer – all shipment costs will be responsibility of the customer. No credit or refund will be issued on any items returned without prior authorization.

Where are the manuals for the Tie-Matic HD Machines?

In an effort to protect our environment, Plas-Ties has decided to post manuals online under the “Literature” tab on the product page for each machine.