Tach-It as a Company

Tach-It is a great company, they’re out of Hackensack, New Jersey. Ben Clements and Sons distributes the product and they have been doing so for quite a while now. They stimulate good competition within our market.

Also, they have a whole host of products revolving around the packaging industry. They source most of their products overseas, and they are a master distributor in the USA. A lot of their business is international as well.

Difference Between Tach-It and the Tie-Matic

We’ve had some experiences with customers that have had Tach-It units. It revolved around volume and industrial grade equipment. Their units are also a little bit more challenging to repair. There are a lot of smaller components, a lot of smaller screws. The customer wanted to have the ability to have productive uptime. They wanted to lessen their repair work on the downtime. So the Tie-Matic steps in very well there. There are fewer components on the Tie-Matic. There are fewer screws to work with. With our customer support, we’re able to get them up and running very fast based on the design of the Tie-Matic.

We Stand By Our Machinery

Tach-It does make very, very good machinery. They service a very specific market, and they do so very well. Customers who use Tach-It machines still come to us. Some of the pain points in their production revolve around volume and uptime. The Plas-Ties machine is also a bit more durable than the Tach-It. There are fewer parts to work with in respect to when things go wrong.

Tach-ItEvery machine will have its problems based on repetitive wear. That’s something we take into consideration with our units. Swapping out parts is more painless, so to speak. That’s where customers find most benefit with our units. Higher volumes, great customer support, and ease of repair if they choose to do so themselves. That being said, we will always respect Tach-It as solid competitors

Also, Plas-Ties has a great loaner program. If a customer does not want to repair the machine on their own, we can step in fast, overnight if needed. We can get them a loaner to make sure their operation is up and running at full speed, while we take care of the rest. Which is making sure we do a solid, and durable, reliable repair to their unit. It makes for great relationships with our customers.

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Carlos Contreras

Carlos Contreras

Carlos is the President at Plas-Ties, Co. He has been with the company for over 15 years. He has a demonstrated history of working in the twist-tie packaging industry. He is skilled in manufacturing, management, mechanical product design, strategic planning, and leadership.

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