Tie-Matic HD58-220V Twist Tie Machine (5/8” Maximum)
Part Number: HD58-220V

  • TieMatic HD58  220V Twist Tie Machine
  • Examples: Rice Cakes | Tie-Matic HD58-220V Twist Tie Machine (5/8” Maximum)  | Plas-Ties
  • Examples: Produce | Tie-Matic HD58-220V Twist Tie Machine (5/8” Maximum)  | Plas-Ties
  • Examples: Rice Cakes | Tie-Matic HD58-220V Twist Tie Machine (5/8” Maximum)  | Plas-Ties
  • Examples: Cord | Tie-Matic HD58-220V Twist Tie Machine (5/8” Maximum)  | Plas-Ties
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The Tie-Matic HD58-220V is CE Certified for International use and produces air-tight and consistent closures with ease. Perfect device for twist-tying bundles of cables, cords, disposable goods, tortillas, candy, and more. Our portable and durable Tie-Matic HD 220V machine will produce labor-saving benefits for your company. Utilize our spectrum of colored and stylish metallic twist tie spools to make your product shine.

  • LABOR-SAVING - Faster than hand-tying
  • CONSUMER FRIENDLY - Provides re-usable ties and color coding for date identification
  • EMPLOYEE FRIENDLY - Simple to use & helps reduce repetitive motion injuries
  • SECURE TIES - Seals in freshness, seals out unwanted particles
  • IMPROVED ENGINEERING - Electronic trigger, new generation motor, out-of-the-box design
  • PRINTING OPTION –The New InkJet Printer provides a quick 1-step bundle and print solution


  • Maximum Capacity: 5/8"
  • Approx Tie Length: 4"
  • # of Twists: 2.5 Full Twists
  • Speed: Up to 60 ties/minute
  • 24-gauge Spool Size: 1500’ ~ 4,500 ties
  • 27-gauge Spool Size: 2000’ ~ 6,000 ties
  • Power: 110 VAC, 60Hz, 2.0 AMPS
  • Weight: 16 lbs
  • Weight in Box: 20 lbs
  • Length: 22"
  • Height: 11"
  • Width at Top: 5.5"
  • Width at Front Feet: 9.5"




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The Tie-Matic HD58-220V Twist Tying Machine is manufactured in the USA and made of a durable, all-metal frame. The HD58-220V is designed to wrap and twist tie material to close bags, bundle products and secure wire and cables. Semi-automatic operation can deliver up to 60 tied bags or bundles per minute with minimal effort. Insert the bundle at the 5/8" throat to trigger the tying mechanism and get a perfect twist-tied product. All bundles or bags are secured with 2-1/2 full twists of tie material. The Production Counter tracks usage and accountability for the upkeep of daily quotas. Plas-Ties’ offers Factory Training, customized to your budget, ensuring your staff are proficient, safe and ready to attain your ROI. We also provide on-going technical support through on-line manuals, demo videos and phone support. Our primary location in Tustin, California warehouses a huge inventory of parts and can offer next-day delivery options. Sometimes in-house servicing is inevitable, but our Loaner Program provides a loaner unit while your machine is being serviced.

Employee safety is an on-going development for Plas-Ties to ensure proper safeguards are in place. For one, the Tie-Matic HD58-220V will not activate unless the lid is securely closed. CE Certification determined that the Tie-Matic HD58-220V meets the European Market Safety, Health and/or Environmental requirements. The HD58-220V is safely used in the USA or worldwide with the 220V motor option.