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Plas-Ties provides a variety of accessories to enhance the performance and usability of our Tie-Matic HD twist tie machines and XL Series twist tie machines. From twist tie printers to machine stabilizers and stands to foot pedal controls, we have the accessories you need to get the best performance and highest productivity from your twist tie machine.

Follow the links below to find accessories for your twist tie machine. See individual product listings for additional information and specifications. Request a quote on the twist tie machine accessories you need, or contact Plas-Ties to learn more.

Twist Tie Machine Accessories

Non-Skid Suction Cups

Easily attach to the bottom of Tie-Matic HD38, Tie-Matic HD58, and Tie-Matic HD78 tying machines for added stability on smooth, slick, or uneven surfaces.

Tie-Matic HD Pedestal Mount Bracket

Designed for use with Tie-Matic HD tying machines, these rugged metal brackets make it easy to mount your twist tie machine on a pedestal stand (see below), and allow for vertical, horizontal, or inverted mounting.

Adjustable Pedestal Stand

Provides mobility, height adjustment capabilities, and workspace versatility for all Tie-Matic HD tying machines and XL2, XLS-3, and XLS-4 twist tie machines.

Foot Stabilizer

These foot stabilizers are designed to keep your Tie-Matic HD twist tie machine steady for non-stop production. Rubber pegs prevent surface scrapes and lessen shifting during machine operation.

Tie-Matic Inkjet Printer

Easily installed onto your Tie-Matic HD38 or HD58 twist tie machine, this inkjet printer provides fast, reliable printing on twist ties for easy identification or branding.

XL2 Pedestal Mount Bracket

This sturdy, all metal bracket allows for optimum positioning of your XL2 twist tie machine and allows for vertical, horizontal, or inverted mounting.

XL2 Side Mount Frame

Designed for use with XL2 tying machines, the side mount frame provides an ideal activation position for tying cables, cords, and hoses in specialized bundling applications.

XL2 Inkjet Printer

This compact, high speed printer adds the logo, lettering, or numbers you need while your XL2  twist tie machine bundles your product for fast, efficient production.

XL2 5-Twist Assembly

For extra-large or high tension bundling operations, our specially engineered 5-twist assembly doubles the number of twists your XL2 tying machine applies to ensure a secure bundle.

XLS Pedestal Bracket

Specially designed for XLS-3 and XLS-4 tying machines, this sturdy, all-metal pedestal bracket allows for optimal placement on one of our pedestal stands (see above). Allows for vertical, horizontal, or inverted mounting.

Flat Top Rolling Cart

This heavy duty cart provides a versatile, mobile-yet-steady base for your XLS-3 or XLS-4 semi-automatic twist tie machine. A lower open storage section provides space for twist tie spools, spare parts, and other accessories.

Foot Pedal Activator

This handy foot switch for the XL8 air ring tying machine moves the activator from the top of the machine to the floor for added safety and convenience.

XL8 Air Ring Tying Machine Table

Designed for use with XL8 tying machines, this all-metal table is essential when working with heavy and/or oversized objects. It provides stability and support and provides easy access to the machine’s activator.

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Our innovative, easy to use accessories are an ideal way to enhance the performance and productivity of your Plas-Ties twist tie machine. Request a quote or contact us for the twist tie machine accessories you need.