Tying Solutions

Plas-Ties offers tying, bundling, and packaging solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. Our fast and effective twist tie machines, paper and plastic twist tie materials, and accessories help reduce manual labor requirements while boosting productivity.

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Our rugged, all-metal, made in the USA twist tie machines are durable enough for even the toughest industrial environments. Most models are easily portable and can be mounted in various positions to accommodate different workstation requirements.

Bakeries & Food

Many baked goods and other bag-packaged food products require an airtight seal to maintain freshness. With Plas-Ties’ twist tie machines and reusable twist ties, you can quickly and reliably close up to 60 packages per minute.


Whether your grocery items require a functional, airtight seal, a loose, decorative closure, or something in between our twist tie machines can deliver. They’re compatible with a wide range of spooled twist tie materials and various models can be programmed for precise packaging requirements.

Wire & Cable

When bundling cables and wires for electronics or other applications, high tension is often required to keep those cables or wires from unraveling. Plas-Ties’ tying machines are the perfect solution, letting users carefully control tension, the number of twists, and other key factors.


Many types of fruits, vegetables, and other produce are best sold in bags or bundles. A twist tie machine will make the packaging process faster and easier, helping you get more of your crops to market in less time and with less effort.


Professional laundry, dry cleaning, and other garment services require fast and reliable solutions for bundling items. Whether you need to add hangers for multi-piece orders, bundle shop laundered towels, or package other textile products, Plas-Ties’ tying machines will save you time and money.


In the medical industry, accuracy and repeatability are critical to patient health and safety—and the bundling or packaging of medical supplies and implements is no exception. Our twist tie machines feature onboard PLCs for precise and consistent tie wrapping.


Flowers and floral arrangements require secure bundling, but are so delicate that the packaging process can easily cause damage. Plas-Ties’ tying machines provide reliable twist tie application, and can be custom-programmed for a light touch.

Other Markets

No matter what sort of products you’re working with, if they need to be bundled or packaged in bags with plastic twist tie closures, you need a Plas-Ties twist tie machine. Our versatile, dependable tying machines are compatible with a variety of twist tie materials and can accommodate bundles and packages in a range of sizes.

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