XLS-4 Precision Wound Spools

  • PlasTies | Plastic/Paper Precision Wound Twist Tie Spool
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Our premium, precision-wound, twist tie spools will help you achieve maximum performance from your XLS-4 Machine.  The durable, flexible and reusable material provides superior temporary fastening to meet your product application requirements.  With Plas-Ties genuine material, you can be assured your product will remain securely bundled during transport.

  • Paper / Plastic
  • 2500’ length spool material
  • Double wire
  • 24 gauge, 1/8” spacing
  • 2” I.D. core, 3/75” long
  • Precision  wound
The heavy-gauge XLS-4 spools are constructed with two layers of paper/plastic material with a double wire, metal core.  The premium quality of our XLS-4 spools ensures that the lamination bond will be so strong that the paper/plastic outer layer will tear before delamination of plastic surface occurs.  The flexible core and paper/ plastic laminated sheath wrap easily around an object to be secured.  From the Food Industry to the Industrial Marketplace, our XLS-4 twist tie spools provide the perfect closure for your products.