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Twist Tie Machines | Spools | Cut Ties | Cable Ties

Do You Need A Better Way To Secure Your Products?

Are You Looking for Dependable, Durable Packaging Solutions?

Look No Further — Plas-Ties is The Answer.

Efficient Production Process

Get products out the door with improved time to market.

Employee Safety First

Ergonomic solutions end repetitive motion injuries to the operator.

Cost Control so You Can Grow

Predictable and reliable results and support.

Compliance That Maintains Efficiency

Meet requirements with no loss to processing speed.

Get Started Today in 3 Easy Steps

Solution Evaluation
Step 1

We’ll start by collecting some background information on your business and production needs. This will help us determine the best way for Plas-Ties to provide a solution that fits your needs perfectly.

Receive a Sample
Step 2

Send us a sample of your product that will need to be tied. (If you can’t, pictures will work too.) We’ll test various ties and packaging solutions as we prepare the best possible outcome for your business.

Product Demonstration
Step 3

The Plas-Ties team will provide a compelling demo of how your products and our tying machines will work together. You’ll have all the information you need to see that we understand your goals, and we have the tools and expertise required to help you grow!
Plas-Ties Office

Manufactured in the USA

For Over 50 Years

Plas-Ties is proud to celebrate more than 50 years of serving consumer packaging customers in the US and worldwide. We are also proud of our reputation as the world’s top manufacturer of high-quality twist tying machinery.

We have a rich tradition of making our machines in the USA. Also, we stand by each one of our machines and the quality that we produce. Our headquarters is located in the city of Tustin, in the heart of Orange County, California.

Meet the Plas-Ties Team

Plas-Ties is a Proud Member of the Following Organizations:

Customer Support is Available to Help Anytime

Day or Night

Plas-Ties Ships from the U.S.A.

Within 1 Business Day

Our Team Will Handle Your Repairs

Within 5 Business Days

Plas-Ties Packaging Expertise Includes
Certifications from the Following Organizations:

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