Decades ago,

Plas-Ties began as a multi-faceted business with various products.

The juicers and ice makers purchased overseas were bargain-basement deals but constructed of poor quality parts. Luis Contreras took charge and decided that Tie-Matic Twist Tying machines, manufactured in Santa Ana, California were going to provide reliable and durable packaging solutions. Indeed, the machines proved that high-quality parts and skilled manufacturing from the US were the keys to solving consumer’s packaging issues.

From the birth of the Tie-Matic Mark III to the re-designed Tie-Matic HD, twist tying machines have been our forte. Customers were requesting larger machines to accommodate their ever growing product lines. Plas-Ties’ was eager to design machines to fit the needs of all their customers. The XL2 and XL-4 twist tying machines were created to tackle the larger industrial markets. Hoses, cord sets, cables, gift baskets, plants…you name it…We were twist tying it.
Ever evolving with the times, Plas-Ties recently delved into the Automation Industry with the programmable XLS machine. Capable of tying delicate, loose, fast and variable ties, the XLS marks a new era for Plas-Ties in its endeavor to discover and assist companies and their out-of-the-box packaging requirements.

As we grow past our 50 years in the business, we still maintain our stance as manufacturers of high-quality twist tying machinery, servicing the US & worldwide. Made in the USA has been our tradition and we stand by our machines and the quality produced. Our headquarters is located in Tustin, California, in the heart of Orange County, California.

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We made a juicer!?!?

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