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Plas-Ties offers a full line of cable ties available in natural, weather resistant black, special sizes and colors. Sizes vary from four inch P-4-18 to forty-eight inch P-48-175. Our cable ties will not only meet your requirements, but lower your total installation costs with QPL listed and UL recognized components. Plas-Ties offers a wide variety of cable ties for all your applications: EZ Off, Heavy-Duty, Identification, Ladder, Low Profile, Releasable, Metal Detectable, Mounting Head, Secure, Stainless and Velcro ties.

Most Plas-Ties cable ties are manufactured from 6/6 Nylon for strength, flexibility and resistance to abrasion. The Natural (Clear) color is ideal for indoor use and general applications. Weather resistant black is primarily used outdoors where additional UV resistance is required. The cable ties are packaged with specific moisture content in high density polyethylene bags to ensure optimal cable tie performance. The bags should not be opened prior to actual application or bag left exposed as this might degrade the quality of the ties.