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Over 50 Years of USA Manufacturing

Bakeries and Food Sector Bundling Solutions

Bakeries and food businesses everywhere need packaging systems and materials that are durable, reliable, and fast.

Further, well-made bakeries and food packaging is essential for a professional presentation and preserving freshness.

If you’re cooking up success, Tie-Matic twist tying machines from Plas-Ties have all the ingredients you’re looking for.

Plas-Ties’ has also been manufacturing quality twist tying machines in the USA for over 50 years. More importantly, we are proud of our reputation as the world’s top manufacturer of high-quality twist tying machinery.

Further, we stand by each one of our machines and the quality that we produce. Our headquarters is located in the city of Tustin, in the heart of Orange County, California.

Furthermore, each Plas-Ties machine for food packaging is easy to use and enhances the productivity of your workers by reducing manual labor. Automated twist tying machines can also eliminate potential repetitive motion injuries, which can be even more costly in the long-term.

Finally, bakeries and food products often require bundling with an air-tight seal. To sum up, for efficient business and scalable growth, incorporating a Plas-Ties mechanical twist tying machine is the way to go.

  • Faster than manual hand-tying
  • Portable, all-metal frames; accommodates various workstation systems
  • Spool options from stylish to custom designed with re-closable ties
  • Next Day Delivery of Parts Available
  • Free on-line manuals, video and phone support available
  • Bagels, Bread, Muffins, Rolls, Pita, Croutons, Breadsticks
  • Tortillas, Tostadas
  • Cookies, Donuts, Cake Pops, Candy

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