Fluorescent Cable Ties
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  • Fluorescent Cable Ties
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We offer a full line of fluorescent colored cable ties available in a variety of special sizes . Various colors include: Fluorescent blue, yellow, green, orange and pink. Sizes vary from 18 lb to 120 lb tensile strength. Plas-Ties’ offers a line of cable ties that will not only meet your requirements, but lower your total installation costs. Most Plas-Ties’ cable ties are manufactured from 6/6 Nylon for strength, flexibility and resistance to abrasion.

Cable ties or zip ties are used in a variety of applications in many industries, including: electrical, telecommunications, packaging, retail, floral, tradeshow displays and many more.


  • FASTER - less insertion and pull through force needed
  • STRONGER - high tensile strength controlled from one piece design
  • EASIER - angled tail allows for faster initial insertion & tail grips allow for easier handling
  • SAFER - rounded edges provide added safety to minimize product damage
  • CONSISTENT - defined manufacturing process with 6/6 nylon
  • CUSTOM – print your company message, product code or directive on each cable tie