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Metal-Free Bundling Solutions

Looking for a Metal-Free closure to pass through metal detectors?  Poly Tie-Matic is the right machine for you.  Poly handles all the stress of twist-tying your products in just 1-step with an All Plastic Poly Tie Material.  Safeguard food quality with metal detector-friendly, plastic core material.

Plas-Ties’ has been manufacturing quality twist tying machines in the USA for over 50 years. Each machine is easy to use and provides productivity without workers suffering from repetitive motion injuries.

  • Uses only Metal-Free twist tie material
  • Faster than manual hand-tying
  • Portable, all-metal machine frames; accommodates various workstation systems
  • Spool options from stylish to custom designed with re-closable ties
  • Next Day Delivery of Parts Available
  • Free on-line manuals, video and phone support available
  • Bagels, Bread, Muffins, Rolls, Pita, Croutons, Breadsticks
  • Tortillas, Tostadas
  • Cookies, Donuts, Cake Pops, Candy
  • Fiber Optic cables

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