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Packaging Machine Basics

Packaging machine designs can encompass many different types of things.  What we deal with is actually the ceiling of a packaging machine. That would be a strapping machine.

Strapping Machines

Strapping machines are for heavier products, larger diameter products. It handles taking a single box and turning into a master pack box by putting two together. You can also use a strapping machine for hoses or anything. There’s a large diameter that it can handle. It applies a very strong tensile strength that will be very secure for shipments.

Shrink-Wrap Packaging Machine

There are also shrink wrap machines. You see a shrink wrap machines almost everywhere. Now you can have automated shrink wrapping of pallets of boxes. You can also do a shrink wrapping of hoses which are very common. Shrink wrap machines tend to be very useful for packaging many products or cases together. Beyond that, we also have vacuum-sealed, which is very exciting. Vacuum sealed takes the air out of the package and it makes the product easier to ship. It lasts much longer as far as the expiration dates to keep something secure for many months. We use it all the time. I like to fish and hunt and we use vacuum sealers all the time of my own home. It’s a very fun and efficient way of packaging.

Twist Ties, Cable Ties, and Ziploc

We tend to deal with twist ties. We deal with twist ties and cable ties. Twist ties is a product that can bundle a bag. It can bundle a hose, it can bundle wires and it’s reusable. So with a bag, if you open up a bag, you can then reuse it again for the next number of many days or weeks that you have it. This is very unique in the packaging machine industry. Most packaging stuff is going to be something that’s a one time use. The exceptions are our twist ties and Ziploc.

Packaging Machine

Ziploc is another, a packaging product that is very popular now. Everyone uses it every day. Often you’re going to see it. Some tortillas use Ziploc and we use Ziplocs every day.

Another packaging option is the cable tie. It is a security benefit. If you wanted something to be secure and have a very difficult time of getting into a product, then you’d use a cable tie. They have a high tensile strength that can hold up to 200 pounds worth the weight. They’re very effective and are available in different colors. You have UV protection on cable ties, you have metal cable ties, you have cable ties that are releasable. So if you do want to have the option of a cable tie that you can reuse over and over, there’s a reusable cable tie.

Packaging machine solutions give you many different options to use. You can get down to what you need for your product and for your customers. And they’re all not for everything. Not every item is best for one, but it’s a group of them. You get to control what your customer experience when they use your products.

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