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Plastic Bag Tie Machine Ties Anything

A plastic bag tying machine is actually an amazing device that does the work for you. It can tie any product that you need to be tied, including bread bags. It could be chips, cookies, or cake pops. You put the bag right into the twist-tying machine and it ties it for you. It takes less than a second.

Plas-Ties is actually the premier company that has a family of twist-tie machines. They go from 3/8 of an inch to two inches, four inches, eight inches. It all depends on your imagination and what you’re looking for. Also, I’m sure our engineers can devise or create a machine that will work for you.

Different Bag Tie Options

There are also a lot of accessory options for a plastic bag tying machine. Moreover, Plas-Ties actually has a twist-tie printer. So, when you insert your product into the machine, it prints onto your bag. It could be your item number, the company name, or a product date. It could also be any information that you want. You can have it actually printed right onto the twist-tie on your bag.

Plastic Bag Tie Machine

We also have different colored twist-ties. We have Christmas ties and we have metallic colors. They’re perfect for weddings. I’ve been to so many weddings that have cake pops with metallic twist-ties on it. It’s awesome to see. And I always look at the twist-tie to see, is that from Plas-Ties? So, for the ideal tying machine for your needs, it all depends on what you’re looking for. You’re looking for the speed, you may be looking for the tightness, or you want a looser factor.

Water Bag Challenge

Actually, we had a customer who wanted water tied in a bag. We thought for sure that it wasn’t possible. But then, one of our salespeople actually took the bag, added the water, did a little twist, and goosenecked it over. He put it into our machine, flipped it over, and it actually stayed airtight with no water seepage at all. Here is a video of that experiment:

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