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Zip Tie Usage

Zip ties and cable ties are interchangeable. It’s the same kind of product. They are very useful for enclosing bags or anything you need to have secured to where it’s going.

You can be sure that they are security proof. They’re very strong, you can get them in different colors. You can order UV-protected, metal-detectable, and releasable models. You can have a zip tie that you put on, you can take it off, and then you can reuse it on the same package. Or, you can have it to where you can put it on a package and have it broken off. That way, it is actually easier to get into. You don’t have to cut it off. We have many different options for zip ties and they are all useful. We use zip ties in many different ways in businesses. From enclosing a bag or a harness to using it as a tamper-evident type of enclosure.

Printing and Tamper-Evident Models

We have customers who will have print on the cable tie. We actually do that here at Plas-Ties for you also. They test the product and they zip tie it on there. After it goes through testing, it moves to the inspection area. Once it gets to that area, they take off the cable tie. They cut it off or break it, depending on if it’s reusable. And when it gets to there, then they test it. When it passes testing, they put on a cable tie that shows it tested in 2019.

Zip TiesThat also acts as a way to detect tamper evidence. It ensures that when the end user gets their product, they know that it is in the 2019 tested format. Companies can make zip ties in many different areas. They’re made in the USA or in China. Some are ISO-approved, use different kinds of materials. When you look at the cable tie you want to buy for your particular use, you want to find one that is going to match your needs. Whether metal-detectable or ISO certified, or made in the USA if your end user needs that.

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