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Bread Twist Ties and the Machines That Tie Them

The first thing someone thinks about with a twist tie is using it on a bread bag. Plas-ties started making twist-tie machines roughly years ago for the bread bag. Every customer, every person I’ve met in my whole world, has used a twist tie on a bread bag.

The Benefits of Being Reusable

The benefit to it is that it’s reusable. You’re able to untwist it and then seal it back up. It’s not completely airtight but it’s airtight enough to where it’ll keep your product fresh for many days. If not, it can be many weeks or months depending on the products you’re actually bundling.

Printable Twist Ties

We now can actually put a print on a twist tie if you wanted to use it on a bread bag. For instance, what you see now a lot of times, you see an actual expiration date on the bag itself. We have the technology now with an inkjet printer. We can print actual time to be able to actually have an expiration date, lot code, batch code, or whatever it is you want. You then program the information on the printer to see it at the time of tying your bread bag.

The benefit to this is that you’re able to take the two different procedures, tying and printing. Both become one single procedure. You cut down on many minutes or seconds per products. And it’s a very effective way to increase your general production.

Ziploc and Other Alternatives

The alternative to bread twist ties is Kwik Lok, which many people have seen every day, as well as tape. The tape is a very inexpensive way of doing it. But the problem with it is that you sometimes have it to break open the bags. So you lose the re-usability of the product when you use tape.

Bread Twist Ties

It’s interesting with Ziploc. It doesn’t happen too much with bread, but Ziploc is an effective way of enclosing a product like it. Tortillas is an example. A customer approached us who was using our twist tie machine to bundle their loaves of bread. But they now have to start going through a metal detector when they started to increase their production.

New Machine to Apply Nonmetal Twist Ties

In doing so, our twist material was not able to make it through the scanner due to the metal core. We were able to design a new machine, a variation of our HD machine. The new machine has a non-metal material actually run within it. It then served the full purpose of what they needed. They wanted to keep the ability and re-usability of a twist tie feature without the metal core.

With our metal-free twist tie material, we were able to offer a full solution. We can keep them on board with using twist ties and their customers happy with the re-usability of it. This is in comparison to some of the other products, such as a quick lock or the tape.

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