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Twist Tie Machine Defined

Twist tie machine is a machine that puts a twist tie around a product. It can be used for a whole variety of products. Plas-Ties has been doing this for 50+ years. So from its start, the Tie-Matic was for closing up bags for bread, tortillas, bagels, and other products.

As we progressed in the years in experience in the market, we’ve seen the requests explode. The advent of the internet and people’s desire to improve their packaging led to interesting places. We have been on board which we’re very thankful for. We’ve been at the helm of receiving these requests and our development is contingent upon it.

We actually had our engineering department work alongside with the customers. This way we’ve been able to either re-design or make sure that the customer’s getting their exact needs. This could be with the automation, or semi-auto, or a simple sit on top, desk-top style twist tie machine. You can choose how to bundle your bags or your parts kits.

It’s been exciting to see the growth of this. We’ve gone from only doing bread bags to having machines that are fully automated. Either an outside computer or actual control system controls them. It’s exciting to see the twist tie, that everyone always used, become fully automated.

Machines Designed to Adapt to Customers’ Needs

Definitely, it’s interesting that the bread industry has shifted. As a result, it’s rare that you see a twist tie on the shelves anymore. Our relevance as a packaging solution for customers started to feel a little bit shaky. We had to ask ourselves if we were still viable in the market as a packaging solution.

Thankfully, what changed was our relevance and presence on the internet and our trade show experiences. It was also that customers were telling us what they want from a package closure. This led us to have great partnerships. And it has only propelled us into areas that keep us more and more relevant every day.

Twist Tie MachineThat we’re currently involved in full automation is a good example of how Plas-ties has been a solid team working together. Our communication and cohesion as a company have been strong. In continuing to adapt, we are a twist tie machine company. We sell twist ties. But we also adapt to what the consumer needs, which are metal free twist ties, for instance.

We can do printing on twist ties. And not only can we give you a white twist tie, but you can have a twist tie that’s metallic purple. It can be only paper if you want it to have no plastic parts. A twist tie is not only one product. It has many products within it that all have a different purpose. We made and adjusted our machines to put these twist ties on your products. They have the effectiveness of speed. They are non-injurious to actually anybody that’s actually doing this every day.

Tie Machines that Look Out for Employees’ Health and Safety

It is sad to go to some of these companies where we’re trying to transition. You meet people who tell you stories that they can’t even pick up their own children anymore. This is because they’ve been doing this for 20 years. In my experience, it’s definitely in the laundry industry where we had installed a tie-out station.

I asked a worker before the machine came in, “how was your hand at the end of the day?” And that worker said her hand was in pain every day.

The reward of the packaging industry isn’t all about packing things from manufacture to shelves or somewhere. It’s about people, it’s about customers, and it’s about the people that are working. It’s these customers that we service all the time. The rewarding aspect of a twist tie machine is not only to the benefit of the customers but a benefit to their employees.

We are more of a partner with our customers than a firm only trying to sell a product. We are there to support all your employees. That idea makes us very happy and proud. That our machine doesn’t only package. But it actually helps the health of the employee base in your company.

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Carlos Contreras

Carlos is the President at Plas-Ties, Co. He has been with the company for over 15 years. He has a demonstrated history of working in the twist-tie packaging industry. He is skilled in manufacturing, management, mechanical product design, strategic planning, and leadership.

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