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Plastic Bag Clips Basics

Plastic bag clips are these square or rectangular fasteners that you see on bread or tortilla bags. It’s made by Kwik Lok. You can print expiration dates on it.

You can print batch codes on it, and is very effective in an automated system. Alternatives to plastic bag clips would be a twist tie. A twist tie is going to be reusable and gives you the same kind of performance. It gives a little bit better enclosure of keeping the air out of the actual bag itself.

Also, you have the option of tape. You can use tape to enclose it. The difference between tape compared to a plastic bag clip and a twist tie is the re-usability of it. This is different from tape. You cannot reuse tape once you open it.

Ziploc is a very effective and easy way to access the bag. It actually closes up well. And it’s very easy to actually manufacture for automation.

Nonmetal Solution

Kettleman’s Bagels in Canada approached us. They wanted our twist tie material on their production runs. They had to use something that was going to be metal free due to it running through the metal detection system. We were able to design our HD Tie-Matic to run a metal-free twist tie. This allows the product to still use a reusable twist tie material and pass metal detection.

Plastic Bag ClipsThis solution allowed Kettleman’s Bagels to still give the satisfaction of a twist tie to their end-user. Consumers appreciate a twist tie’s re-usability and effectiveness compared to other alternatives like the plastic bag clip.

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