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Wire Twist Ties Misconceptions

We’ve seen wire ties on the market for a very long time and it closes up your bread bag. There are some misconceptions surrounding the wire twist-tie. Those misconceptions revolve around the number of options available for the wire twist tie.

Wire twist ties are for whatever you would need for your product. So we’ll start with the core. The core of the wire twist-tie was always thought to be metal which isn’t always the case. It can also have a poly core which is nonmetal. It has the ability to go through metal detection for large batch bakery deliveries. This ensures compliance with the customer on the other end. Also, back to the metal, there are various gauges that are available. They range from 27 gauge, 24 gauge, and 20 gauge. There are also different metals that are available like aluminum. They all have very specific applications depending on what the customer needs.

Double Wire Options

There are also options that we have available where you have double wire. They could either be center spaced or spaced. This is to meet various requirements for tensile strength for the wire twist tie. You would see that more often on our heavier gauge, more industrial material.

Next on the list would be revolving around the number of options for the lamination. So the lamination could be of plastic on plastic. It can be plastic on paper. It can also be paper on paper. Again, every option has very specific usefulness to a customer. It all depends on what they need.

Color Options for Wire Twist Ties

The lamination comes in various colors. So the colors can be quite vast and you can look at our catalog to see the number of different colors that we offer. The colors can be important to say a bakery who might want to have quick visual identification. Say that they want to use red on Monday, green on Tuesday, blue on Wednesday, so on and so forth. This is for easy visual check in on their batches by day within the week.

On top of that, another misconception about wire twist ties is likely the biggest one. It’s that you cannot print on twist ties in real time. We’re the only company, as far as my understanding goes, that does this. The printing can have a lot of benefits, especially for bakeries. You may want to have information that’s one about compliance for the customer benefit. They could be the batch code, lock codes, and expiration dates. Or even printing onto the tie a logo for the company. So there’s brand identification.

These are all important things to remember when looking for a solution for your product. Plas-Ties can have a whole host of options for a wire twist tie. It can meet the needs that benefit not only you but your customer.

Client Relationships Matter

A good story about how Plas-Ties has helped a client is our experience working with POM Wonderful. They were twist-tying their bags of pomegranates by hand. One of the big problems with twist-tying by hand is speed. That one is an obvious one but more important is the ergonomic damage it causes. It’s not a very ergonomic process of twist-tying by hand. They came to us and sourced out the right machine for their requirements. It was pomegranates within a box surrounded by cellophane and on a conveyor system. We were able to work with them to set up one of our units, the XL2, on a pedestal stand. We created a very efficient and ergonomic process. This sped up their facility volume and reduced ergonomic fatigue. It was much better than twist-tying by hand.

Wire Twist TiesIn that process, we created a great relationship with POM Wonderful. We made many visits up to their facility to ensure that our wire twist tie machines were working. We also trained them on how to repair our machines. Also in that process, we discovered that our machine had some opportunity to improve. So we worked with them to create a machine that optimized their operation. We also created a very reliable machine for them as well in that partnership with them.

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Carlos Contreras

Carlos is the President at Plas-Ties, Co. He has been with the company for over 15 years. He has a demonstrated history of working in the twist-tie packaging industry. He is skilled in manufacturing, management, mechanical product design, strategic planning, and leadership.

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