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Plas-Ties Tie-Matic HD+ Design Contest

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The new Plas-Ties Tie-Matic HD+ is a big deal.

Not just because it’s the first new Plas-Ties machine in many years.

And not just because of the innovations in the motors, gears, and case that provide more efficiency, durability, and safety than ever before.

These features are great, but we wanted more. Getting the whole team engaged with the process of creation was important to the leadership and development teams at Plas-Ties. We wanted to find a way to personalize the machine and incorporate our Plas-Ties culture and “Made in the USA” ethos.

With that in mind, we held a contest for a new graphic design. The design would be featured on the case of the Tie-Matic HD+ machine. We invited the entire company to participate.

To ensure the design would work with the new machine’s appearance, we created some guidelines and provided templates so our artists could customize their images within the context of the project. The team member or group that submitted the winning entry received a prize and got to see their design immortalized on the new Tie-Matic HD+.

Memo and Armondo Working on Designs

Plas-Ties team members working on graphic designs for the Tie-Matic HD+

Staff from multiple departments all submitted design contest entries. Memo and Armando (pictured above and below) were among the finalists.

design contest Memo

Memo’s design for the new machine logo


Armando’s design for the new machine logo

All of the design contest entries were impressive. The creativity that all of the participants demonstrated was a huge thrill and fun for the whole team. After a thorough review of each design, Stephanie was the big winner!

design contest Stephanie

Great job Stephanie!

Stephanie’s logo design will appear on Plas-Ties’ new Tie-Matic HD+ for a long, long time.

How do we know? Because the new Tie-Matic motor is made to last four times longer than previous generations of Tie-Matic motors. And its gears are 50% more durable, so you’ll spend more time in production and a minimal amount of time on maintenance and repairs.

Finally, the new exterior also includes an easy-to-see digital counter that shows production count and cycles during each job. You also get a removable power cord for transport and storage, a new on/off toggle switch with an indicator light for safety, and other features that provide easy access and effective use.

Click here to learn more about the new Tie-Matic HD+ from Plas-Ties, which is launching at WestPack 2020 in February! And to find out about our tools, spools, and tie solutions, contact us by clicking here.

Carlos Contreras

Carlos is the President at Plas-Ties, Co. He has been with the company for over 15 years. He has a demonstrated history of working in the twist-tie packaging industry. He is skilled in manufacturing, management, mechanical product design, strategic planning, and leadership.

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